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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Google Site

Google Site


The digital tool I chose to explore is Google Site.  Google Site is a free and easy way to create WebPages. Because I am a new user of this sight, I can only rate it a 6 out of 10.  You can easily access Google Site by clicking the hyperlink above. It also offers a tutorial to help guide you.

Steps/Page 1:  You will need to log into Google Site using your google login and password

Inline image 1

Steps/Page 2:  Click the orange button to the left to create a new webpage.

Steps/Page 3:    Select a template you would like to use.  I selected classroom because I am going to build a class webpage.

·         Next you are going to name you Site.  Such as "Mrs. Richards Webpage" .  This will automatically create a site location "link" to your webpage.

·         Next you will select a theme for your page.  This will give you a the background to your webpage.

·         Click on the box so that the site you are not a robot.

Steps/Page 4:  This is your home page for the website. 

·         I clicked on the writing tool to edit the page.  This opened a box where I could type information and add images. 

·         Click save when you are finished.

·         You can add a page so that it will show up on your home page.

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