This blog is designed as a resource for CURR 501, Media Literacy, Popular Culture and Education at Rhode Island College, summer 2015. The course is driven by the essential question: How is new media and digital culture produced and consumed in ways that help us understand ourselves and each other in the context of the current educational landscape?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Post your Digital Tool Tutorial

On Thursday morning, between 8:30 and 10:00, you will be exploring and teaching the rest of us about one of the digital tools in the Digital Toolbox to the right on my blog.

I have added feature in my SETTINGS to allow me (or others) to email a post directly to my blog.  This will allow you to post your short "tutorial" about a digital tool directly to my blog, so that all of the information is gathered in one place for everyone to peruse...

Create an email (using your gmail account or another that allows you to change fontcolor, add links, pictures, etc will make this much easier for you). 
  • Address the email to: 
  • Subject line will be the title of your post.
  • To add a link, simply include the link in your email.
  • To add a picture, simply include the picture (choose insert image INLINE rather than as an attachment so that it appears in the body of the message.)

​(gratuitous pic of my son as sample)

In your email/post, please make sure to include:

1) Name of tool in the title (subject line) of the post.

2) Link to the website for this tool.

3) Elementary discussion about what you can do with it.  Include examples if possible.

4) Rating of the Ease of Use.

5) Discussion of the "affordance" this tool offers -- how can it add to the ease, complexity, depth, joy, etc in an educational sense (ie: what use value could it have for a teacher?)

6) Use links and pictures and color and font changes whenever you can to make the post easy to read.

We will assign the tools in class on Wednesday morning...

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